Lessons for Living - November 2014

Dan Harvey

Your Foundation, Your Friendships, Your Fellowship, Your Future, Your Forgiveness

Your Foundation - Possibly False or Proven Fruit? (Repentance and its effect in life … Congruent Christian Living, and the Work of the Holy Spirit)
Your Future - Meaningless Fate or Merciful Father? (God in control, even in suffering and trials — Throwing in towel. Failure is not Final.)
Your Friendships - Filled with Rivalry or Fed by Humility?  (Interpersonal Relationships)
Your Fellowship - Your Future in your Local Church. 
Your Forgiveness - Maintenance of Relationships, in every area of life.
                Forgiveness from the Guilt - neither do I condemn you. How we respond to what God gives to us. (Forgiveness FREES from the guilt, and 
                changes the guilty. God remakes, renews, says he will remember no more)
                Forgiveness for the Guilty - How we respond to others, based on how God has forgiven us.