Matthew 24-25 - Be Ye Also Ready

Matthew 24:37 - 25:13 Be Ye Also Ready - Mr. F. Tornaquindici


Verses 37-39: The Days of Noah and A Repeat of History.

The major thought here is the fact that prior to the deluge, social and family life went on as normal with the flood coming as a total surprise. That situation will be replicated in the days before the Lordʼs appearing.

Verses 40-41: Division. 

At His appearing there will be a sifting, with former associates being divided. Some will be removed in judgement with others left for kingdom blessing.

Verses 42-44: Watch: Be ye also Ready. 

It is evident that while Godʼs people should be able to assess the timing of His coming by calculating it from the day when “the prince that shall come” will renege on his covenant (Dan. 9.27), a precise knowledge of the timing of the Appearing is beyond them; “ye know not what hour your Lord doth come”. Not only will they have no knowledge of its timing, but His coming will take place when they least anticipate it: “in such an hour as ye think not”. Hence the injunctions to “watch” and “be…ready”, with the illustration of an unexpected burglary reinforcing the point.

Verses 45-47: A Faithful and Wise Servant.

His Character: Faithful and Wise.
His Responsibility: Over His Household.
His Task: To give meat, and when required, “in due season”. In that future era, saints will still need spiritual feeding.
His Loyalty: The unexpected arrival of his Lord finds him hard at work.
His Recompense: Appointed “ruler over all his goods”.

(While the reference is to Christʼs servants in a future age as they await His appearing, you may wish to apply the principles to ourselves as we await the Rapture).

Verses 48-51: That Evil Servant.

Then, as now, there will be religious leaders purporting to be spiritual guides, branded here, “evil”, and, “hypocrites”. They will have no sense of accountability and no concept of their Lordʼs return, hence their maltreatment of those they profess to shepherd, and their association with undesirables. Such will come under judgement at His coming.

Ch.25. 1-13: The Ten Virgins.

This parable continues the theme of readiness for His appearing. The church is not in view, but rather those professing to be in testimony for Christ during the Tribulation. Such testimony then, as now, will require oil, i.e. the power and presence of the Holy Spirit (Zech. 4). Mere professors will lack that, and be found wanting at the unexpected arrival of the bridegroom; “I know you not”. Such will be debarred from “the marriage feast” (RV, JND, ESV). The festal joy of kingdom days will be enjoyed by the “wise”, “they that were ready”.