The Holy Spirit - March 2014 Conference


The GIVING of the Spirit – Matthew Cain
What is Baptism in the Spirit?

The GUEST Who Resides Within – Sandy Higgins
What are the practical implications of having a Holy Person residing within me?

The GIFTS of the Spirit – Matthew Cain
Do the miraculous sign gifts still function today?

The GIFTS of the Spirit – Sandy Higgins
What is our responsibility with what the Spirit has given?

The GOVERNING of the Spirit Sandy Higgins
What does it mean that the Scriptures are inspired? How does the Spirit help us to understand the Scriptures now?

Question and Answer Session


The GIFT GUARANTEE of the Spirit Sandy Higgins
Why has God given us this great gift?

GROWTH through the Spirit Matthew Cain
What is the Spirit of God trying to accomplish in my life? How does he do it? 

The GUIDANCE of the Spirit Sandy Higgins
What does it mean to be led by the Spirit? How does this come into play in the meetings of the church?

Question and Answer Session